The Bullpadel players rise to the first date of Swedish Padel Tour

This weekend took place the first stop of Swedish Padel Tour 2016, the first professional circuit of the Scandinavian country. It has 8 appointments scattered throughout Sweden, in cities such as Gothenburg, Halmstad, Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås. They also have a final test of its headquarters still unknown. Involved 32 pairs in the men and 16 in women.

The Bulltofta Padelklubb, better known as Padelcenter Malmö has witnessed the start of a tournament with more and more followers, due to the strong emergence of sports in Sweden in recent years.

The winners of the first date of Swedish Padel Tour 2016 have been in the men Bobby Seger,player of Bullpadel team and his teammate Andreas Pålsson. In the women’s competition, they arose with the final trophy Biljana Billie and Antonette Andersson falso from Bullpadel-

The next test circuit is 9th and 10th April in the Padelcenter Uppsala, a city southeast of the country.


In an article published by Padel Absolute few months ago, they explained that the padel came to Sweden in 2010 to the municipality of Båstad. Tomas Ripstrand responsible for Bullpadel in Sweden, is very surprised by the expansion of this discipline throughout Sweden. “It’s amazing how has soared practice padel tennis in Sweden in the last year, exceeding all expectations, since in recent months there have been many clubs and new tracks all over the country.”