Spectacle and talent in first appointment of the National Circuit of Minors Bullpadel

This weekend was the first test of the Circuit de Minores Bullpadel, TyC 1 with the participation of 249 couples, almost 500 players, was held in the facilities of the Biscayan Club Pádel Derio. Since this circuit began in 2009, this test has been the most numerous. There are 113 female and 136 male couples enrolled. It should be noted that in the cadet category the participation of girls has surpassed that of men.

Many of the great promises of the Spaniard were present in Bilbao, with the aim of adding a new title and ensuring their presence in the TyC Premium 1. The winners in Basque lands were F. González Rodríguez – C. Cabeza Teres in Benjamín Men; A. Pérez Ortiz – L. Dionisio Laureano in Benjamín Femenino; R. Bartolomé Bachiller – A. Fernandez Lancha in Alevín Men and M. López Blas – P. Araus López in Alevín Femenino.

As for Infantil Men, the win was for P. Hernández Alvarez – B. Vera López in Table A and for J. Escolar López – A. Rodríguez Martínez in Table B, while A. Pérez Corral – E. Estrada Sastre prevailed in Infantil Femenino. In Cadet, the Champions were E. Pérez Cabeza – I. Amondarain González while A. Colinas Castro – C. González Cidoncha did the same in Feminine.

Finally, in Junior, the victory was for M. García Ruiz – L. Pozo Carballo and for M. Caballero Sancho – A. García Román. In all of the categories, there were vibrant encounters and they reflected the emotion that characterizes a competition that every year surpasses its numbers.