Enebe and Pitu Losada renew for the fifth consecutive year


Padel products brand Enebe has announced in a press release the renewal for the fifth consecutive year with Pitu Losada, who will be mainly in charge of the promotion of this sport within the Spanish geography thanks to the NEBE RSX Experience by Pitu Losada.

This project is a tour of 12 clinics in the national territory where the participants will have the chance to share on the court the best advices and game techniques from a three-times world champion.

On his other projects, we can highlight the ‘Pitu Losada Padel academy’, where he is in charge of the promotion of tournaments and championship for minor players in the Valencian Community and the Madrid Community, as well as the organization of galas and benefic acts where he includes important figures of this sport. All this shows that Pitu Losada hasn’t abandoned its padel and sport side even he has retired from the competition world, Enebe explains.