The Vibor-A Team feels proud of his step along the spanish Absolute Championship

The Viper-A Team composed by the capitain Ángel Izquierdo, and Maxi Grabiel remained on the verge of the final of the Absolute Championship of Spain but they feel very proud of the attitude and of his step along the tournament. The captain acclaim the attitude of the whole team in the spanish tournament celebrated the last weekend in Padel Point The Nucia of Alicante. The Vibor-A Team, it could not overcome the crossing semi-final of the spanish Championship being defeated by the CP Damm Star Medium Vie Collado in an intense clash that one decided in the tie break of the third set of the fifth game. Previously, in the inaugural day of Friday, the 10th, the players of Viper imposed themselves to the Sevilla team of LaRed 21 in the crossing quarter one 5-0.

” It has been a real shame. The elimination one of semi-finals against the equipment of Madrid of CP Damm Star Medium Vie Collado resolved in the fifth game and in a tie break, after arranging Maxi Grabiel and Pabló Lijo of two match balls. The destination, sometimes, is like that of cruelly. Only I can only congratulate the members of the equipment. It has been a pride to be next to them. This experience is that they do not forget. We have lost, but I am sure that a defeat like this makes us stronger “, the captain concluded after being defeated in semi-finals. Maxi Grabiel described the happened in the exciting game that he had to live: ” The party was for anyone. We had two match ball in the third set, but they, in the important moments they played better than we.”