The Vibor-A team presents its team for the Spanish Team Championship

Everything is prepared for the start of the XXXIII Spanish Team Championship to be held in the Padupoint Club of La Nucía (Alicante), from 10 to 12 March. It will be the first occasion of the current season in which world-class players will face each other and measure their strength before the start of the World Paddle Tour.

The team of Vibor-A, strongly reinforced for the occasion part as seed number two behind the Arena Training Paddle Club. The Vibor-A set will be measured in the quarterfinals of the Sevillan team of La Red 21-Galisport, the meeting will be on Friday 10 at 17:45.

“Despite the numerous losses that our team presents, we are going with the ambition to reach the final and fight for the championship. The first round match against the Sevillians of La Red 21 is a cross with a trap. We will have to be very careful not to be surprised. Although they do not have WPT players, it is a very fierce team. If we go to the semifinals, we probably will face CP Damm Star Vie Collado Mediano, who has great figures like Paquito Navarro, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Juan Lebrón and Alex Ruiz “, says Ángel Izquierdo, captain of the Vibor-A Team.

Only if Maxi Grabiel and the company reach the final, will the most anticipated showdown against the all-powerful Arena Entrena Pádel Club of Fernando Belasteguín, Juan Martín Díaz and Matías Díaz.

Members Vibor-A Team: Javier Ruiz, Juan Cruz Belluati, Maxi Grabiel, Pablo Lijo, Matías Nicoletti, Pedro Alonso Martínez, Adrián Blanco, Raúl Arias, Javier Concepción, Martín Sánchez Piñeiro, Nacho Gadea, Jaume Roig, Luis Ortega, Carlos Sarralde And Jorge Gutiérrez.