Vibor-A coach Adrián Caviglia will teach padel courses in Italy

As the team of Padelworldpress reports, the prestigious Vibor-A Team coach Adrián Caviglia will travel this weekend to transalpine lands to give one of his great paddle courses. On this occasion, the event will take place on the tracks of the Tennis Club Parioli in Rome.

Caviglia will be in charge of offering a series of tips and exercises, both for players who have just started and for those very experienced, in order for all the assistants to improve their strokes, techniques of play, defense, attack and of course , Coaching for those professionals who want to increase their level of education.

It should be remembered that among the renowned professionals that Adri has trained throughout his career are the pair formed by Cristian Gutiérrez-Fernando Poggi (Champions of the World in Barcelona), Miguel Lamperti, Maxi Grabiel, Chico Gomes, Pablo Lijó , Jordi Muñoz and many other players present in the previous rounds of the Circuit World Paddle Tour.

Italy is one of the great powers of the European country and its growth is spectacular. At present it has about 500 federates, thousands of amateur players, 27 professional tests annually and more than 150 courts built.