The CP Damm Star Vie and the Montecarlo-ArenaEnter Padel, Team Spanish champions in La Nucía

montecarlo campeonasThis weekend was celebrated the Absolute Paddle Spanish Championship  in the Club de Padel Point La Nucía.

In the women’s category, Montecarlo-ArenaEnterena Padel  los Boliches, which from the beginning of the tournament proved to be among the favorites to take the championship. The champions faced the winner of the last edition, the Real Zaragoza Tennis Club that fell by 5-0. Despite of the big result, the winners indicated that the victory was not easy since in three of the matches they had to play a third set.

Vibor-a Team and the Arena Entrena Padel club fell in the men’s category in the semifinals before CP Damm Star Vie Collado Mediano and Guillem Export-Padel Mixto Xeresa, respectively.

In the final, he measured his forces one of the favorite and more experienced teams, CP Damm Star Vie Collado Mediano against the Guillem Export-Padel Mixed Xeresa team. The duel was fast and the favorites sweated the victory before an adversary that has gained to pulse the denomination of joint revelation. The candidates put the champion against the ropes, but in the end the quality of players like Paquito Navarro, Sanyo Gutiérrez or Javi Garrido, among others, defined the title for the CP Damm.

The negative side of the tournament we assist in the downgrade of La Red 21 – Galisport and Club Sato Sport as they lost their ties to Real Club Padel of Barcelona and Padelpoint La Nucía – Bullpadel respectively.