CEIP and AFYDAD promote padel in Japan through technical meetings with companies

CEIP continues to work to export to other countries the model of success that the paddle lives in Spain, with the firm objective that this sport definitively cross borders and become a reference worldwide. And within this strategy of internationalization, the Spanish Commission of the Industry of the Paddle will receive this week to a delegation of Japanese companies of the sector.

In this sense, following the interest shown by the padel in Japan and the recent creation of a partnership in the country, the Japan Padel Association, CEIP and AFYDAD, with the support of the ICEX, have decided to organize a technical conference that allows to make known This sport in Japanese lands.

The Japanese delegation will arrive in Spain next Thursday, December 15, and will remain in Madrid until Sunday. The objective of this meeting is for Japanese companies to gain a complete view of the sport, both in terms of product news, as well as in everything related to track installation, club management, training of monitors , Players and organization of tournaments, among many other aspects.

In addition to transferring all this knowledge, CEIP and AFYDAD will show Japanese entrepreneurs the virtues of professional sports through the Master World Tour Finish Masters, an appointment that closes the course and which means an excellent meeting point for the paddle industry .

The Japanese delegation will consist of the following personalities:

1.Padel Asia, Mr. Katsuyuki Tamai: imports courts of padel and rackets
2. Fubic, Mr. Tono: imports shovels and clothes
3. Choice, Mr. Atsuo Tanaka: Matters courts
4. FlyBridGe, Ms. Yukari Ebihara: paddle journalist, press officer at JPA association
5. Nexus, Mr. Shingo Takamatsu: paddle school business, training paddle trainers
6. Japan Padel Association (JPA), Mr. Koji Nakatsuka
7. Nippon Padel, Mr. Juan Soler: imports paddles, articles and paddle tennis courts
8. Tokyo Economic and Trade Office, Ms. Asa Kanaseki
Among them, there are companies distributors of products, a track installer and a journalist, accompanied by the director of the Association and a person of the Ofecomes of Tokyo.

 The program of the activity is as follows:

15 December: Arrival in Madrid of the delegation from Japan

16 December: Welcome and presentation CEIP. Interviews at Novotel Campo Naciones Hotel with Spanish companies. Assistance to the Final Master of WPT

17 December: Visits to the Paddle Club Sanset and Paddle Club La Moraleja. Assistance to the Final Master of WPT

18 December: Attendance at the end of the Master of World Padel Tour