Álvaro Raposo analyzes in the blog of adidas padel the coach-player relationship

One of the adidas padel coaches, Álvaro Raposo, wanted to explain in an interesting article the details of the relationship that a coach maintains with his players. A commitment that depends on many factors such as affinities, play styles, achievement of results, involvement, confidence, motivation techniques and a long etcetera.

Raposo usually closes his posts with the #laautoexigenciamamultiplicaelendg, a phrase that fits his way of understanding sport and life, and is what he tries to apply and convey to his players.

“At the beginning of any coach-player relationship we must be very clear and repetitive in what we want and how we want it, but once that symbiosis has been created, the coach must lose protagonism and let the player analyze, demand and self-conquer That the work and the effort are obligatory to try to reach any objective “, explains the monitor.

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