Agorasport installs two padel courts in Cariñena

Agorasport, a partner firm of the Spanish Commission for the Paddle Industry continues with its expansion of the paddle through the construction of tracks. In this case, we are going to Cariñena, in the province of Zaragoza, where two paddle tennis courts have recently been inaugurated which will be part of the sports complex, which will surely please all those who are passionate about this sport.

It should be noted that the deck for two runways has a curved truss, a novelty to satisfy and allow the game even on rainy days to the inhabitants of this small town in Zaragoza, which had been requesting this installation for some time, due to the Sport of the spade in Aragon.

“That the growth of the passion for the paddle is still unstoppable in our country is a fact, and in Agorasport we are delighted to mount the tracks where they request us,” say the brand managers.